oconut is a Friendship and family affair.

Mademoiselle Ema Designer, Annie fashion lover, and her daughter Xavina graduate in fashion marketing and communication. Natives from French Riviera, they chose to join together their talents to give birth to a Bohemian brand with a strong identity.

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More than a brand, Coconut is a whole concept inspired by their many trips abroad : St Barth, New York, Ibiza, Tulum, Costa Rica, Miami... Coconut offers a complete collection of ready-to-wear entirely made in France. Their fabrics are woven, dyed and printed in the Rhône region and the confection is then made in the South of France. This change of course is a great pride for the brand.

While Coconut is being sold in the "places to be" Stores in France and Europe, the 1st Flagship store opens his doors right in the middle of Saint Tropez, 32 Rue Gambetta, where all the Bohemian details are highlighted.

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